What is Solar Cooker?

The Solar Cooker Is device which uses Solar radiation As main source of energy and Convert Sun Light Radiation In to heat And that heat is Used For Cooking.

How long does it take to cook In Rudra Solar Cooker?

Cooking takes 1.25 to 2 hours. Cooking time depends on intensity of sunshine and the nature and quantity of material to be cooked. Hard meat and pulses take some more time to cook.

How does the cooked-food taste Made In Solar Cooker?

Food cooked in Rudra Solar Cooker tastes much better than food cooked over conventional stoves. In slow cooking, natural flavors and fiber retains its shape. Cooked food rises to its full volume and is fluffy. The food is always tender and more palatable

What can be cooked in Rudra Solar Box Cooker?

Almost anything, which you can cook in a conventional electric or gas oven, can be cooked in a Rudra solar cooker. You can bake, boil and steam using any of your favorite recipes. You can not fry and you can’t make chapatti.

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